Frequently Asked Questions

Although it would be preferable to adorn a separate case, you may still apply temporary decorations straight on the back of your phone, such as stickers.

The ability of high-tac rubber adhesives to adhere to materials like Teflon, silicone, plastics, and even other rubber is widely recognized.

Time and ideas are the only two things you require. You are a budding business already if you have design concepts in mind. Select a case style, submit your design, and then post your masterpiece to social media and your store. We’ll take care of the rest as soon as the orders come in.

Because there are so many different stickers available, you can easily choose ones that fit your particular style. Choose those with a catchy motto, design, or texture. Place each sticker on your phone case after removing it from the packaging.

It’s true. You will typically notice an error light on the charger if they interfere. Your phone will be fine because a proper charger won’t attempt to charge that way.

Place transparent tape over your stickers before applying them if you’re searching for a temporary solution to stop stickers from peeling. Clear packaging tape, such as this Scotch Clear Heavy Duty Shipping Tape, is advised. This tape is incredibly transparent and big enough to cover most stickers in a single strip.

When applying stickers in a cold environment, the adhesive film will be overly thick and stiff, making it difficult for the stickers to adhere correctly. To solve this problem, you can warm up the surface using a hair blower.

Waterproof phone case stickers are not available. All sticker designs, including Matte, Glossy, and Transparent, are water-resistant to the same extent.

The best glue for permanently adhering stickers to plastic is decoupage glue. It starts opaque and dries transparent; this adhesive is comparable to white glue. It functions like an adhesive and sealant but is more muscular.

The type of sticker material and the location of the sticker both affect how long it will last. Vinyl and adhesive stickers can last up to five years, however, cling stickers only last six months.

Lamination is an additional layer applied on top of printed stickers to make them scratch- and acid-rain-resistant and to lengthen their lifespan by one to three years. It shields the sticker from moisture and abrasion and provides high-level UV protection.